Towns & Villages


It is in the towns and villages that visitors to Ireland will really get to know the country, its people and their way of life.

Market towns and centres of commerce, trade and culture are spread throughout the Island of Ireland on both sides of the border and one can rarely travel more than 30 or 40 kilometers without encountering a new, and sometimes, totally different built up areas. These are places where you can rest or stay for the night, shop, eat and explore local points of interest and drink up the culture and history on offer.

Every town will have its own story to tell and you won’t find it hard to find a welcoming local person who will only be too happy to let you know where to find whatever you are looking for and, in doing so, surprise and excite you with their warmth and interest who you are and where you have come from.

This is the true Ireland – its people.

Between the towns you will find many more and smaller pockets of houses and communities where village lives have been richly played out for many centuries. Here, there are no strangers – everyone knows each other – and visitors are often though of not as strangers, but people the locals just haven’t got to know yet!

What is particularly comfortable and relaxing to the eye and soul in Ireland is the natural and orderly manner in which the towns and villages are laid out and separated by each other by roads which are normally uncluttered and blend in gracefully with their natural and most unspoiled surroundings. There is no ribbon development in Ireland – Towns are Towns, Villages are Villages and as you drive between them you will only see farms, small cluttering of houses and isolated barns and domiciles set against a backdrop of lush and rolling green fields or the wind and sea swept grandeur of the Irish coastline.


So, travel in ease until something catches your attention or you just want to stop and stretch your legs. It can be anywhere that takes your fancy – whichever town or village you are in – you will be welcome wherever you are in Ireland…