Stunning Scenery, a Rich and Unique Culture, Towns and Villages first settled by the Vikings over 1,000 years ago, Sites of Historic Importance... and arguably the Warmest Welcome you will ever encounter from its People, Ireland offers a Travel Experience that will appeal to Visitors from Thailand like no other.

Tourism Ireland

Thai Visitors to Ireland will enjoy sights and sounds, and experiences they will never have encountered anywhere in the world before. Unspoiled and majestic scenery, rich hospitality and a carefree but caring way of life - similar in so many ways to the values that Thais hold so dear.

Towns & Villages

It is in the towns and villages that visitors to Ireland will really get to know the country, its people and their way of life.


Irish Hotels are friendly, warm and safe, and quite reasonably priced when compared with other European destinations. And the range of options - from converted Castles, through family-run Guest Houses and Bed & Breakfasts up to the leading International Brands - rooms and facilities can be found to match all wishes and budgets.

Driving and Car Hire

Driving in Ireland is fun, safe and a great way to get around and see all parts of the island of Ireland. Rates are reasonable and cars drive on the same side of the road as they do in Thailand, so Thai drivers will feel right at home.

A Trip To Ireland

In May 2013, the Editor in Chief of the Central Premiere Magazine accompanied by a seasoned Production Team spent a week in Ireland to research and photograph a Fashion Shoot and Travelogue that was published in the July-Aug edition.


Flying from Thailand to Ireland will require at least one stop and change of planes, normally in Europe, because currently no direct flights are yet available. But the journey can be easily completed in less than 14 hours and can be an experience in itself - a good one - with so many of the world’s finest airlines to choose from.


Thais will require an Irish Visa to enter Ireland from anywhere in the World - except from England, where a special Visa Waiver Scheme allows Thai Passport Holders to use their English Visa for short stays. And, since 2015 - when the first Irish Embassy in Thailand opened - applying for Irish Visas can now be done directly.

Wild Atlantic Way

Drive along Ireland’s rugged West Coast and experience the longest defined coastal route in the World at over 2,400 kms - not bad for an Island that only measures 486 km North to South, such is the Magic of Ireland!

History and Heritage

Monuments in Ireland that are older than the Pyramids, ancient Celtic and Viking Settlements and 1,000 year old Towns and Cities can all be found set against the rolling backdrops of some of the most unspoiled and lush green landscapes anywhere in Europe. Awesome. Stunning. Beautiful.

Attractions and Must Visit

The home of Guinness, the birthplace of the Titanic, film locations for Game of Thrones and the latest installment of Star Wars - all in Ireland. Not to mention the largest wooden Roller Coaster in Ireland at Tayto Park - your time in Ireland will never be dull.

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