Ireland is often called the Emerald Isle and visitors from Thailand will be able to revel in the many, multiple hues of green they will see as they travel throughout the country. Lush fields in forty shades of green, fresh and unspoiled with no part of the island any more than an hour’s drive from the sea.


From the Monks of the Middle Ages who saved the written word in Europe to Modern Day scholars leading the world in Medical and IT Research, Ireland has a long tradition in providing the highest global standards of Education.


Ireland has arguably the purest ecological environment in Europe today, windswept as it is by the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean lapping on its western shores.

The Island of IRELAND


The Island of Ireland sits on the western fringes of northern continental Europe, with America to the West and the Countries of Wales, England and Scotland to the East.


Ireland was possibly the only country in Europe not to have been visited or colonised by the Roman Empire which resulted it retaining its own cultural roots that were first established over 5,000 years ago.


Very definitely Celtic in nature, the Culture of Ireland today is unique to the Island and rich in traditions, myth and intrigue.

Famous Irish

You may not know Ireland well, but you will be surprised at how many famous Irish people you have already heard of, possible read or listened to, or maybe you have seen their performances on the Silver Screen


From traditional music featuring iconic Irish pipes, flutes, whistles and harps to some of the leading contemporary bands and performers today, the influences of Irish Music have stretched to all four corners of the world and are appreciated by a huge global audience.


Gaelic Football and Hurling are known only to Ireland and considered some of the most skillful and fastest field games today, but Ireland also sports some of the greatest ever golfers in the world and a Rugby Team that has been the toast of Europe over the last few years.

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